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Building the future of second-hand luxury between professionals

Construire l'avenir du luxe de seconde main entre professionnels

The luxury second hand market has been growing rapidly for several years. Our offer for the supply of professionals allows them to acquire leather goods, accessories, jewelry and watches from the greatest luxury houses. Let's discover how to build together the future of luxury second hand between professionals.

Second-hand luxury for professionals

It all started in 2018. The second-hand market was booming around us, along with the growing interest in the circular economy. Luxury had always been hugely successful, as we all know, and showed no signs of slowing down. We felt that the combination of these three factors - second-hand, circular fashion and luxury - would undoubtedly lead us to success. And so The Brand Collector was born and with it our TBC Wholesale offering aimed at sourcing second-hand luxury professionals.

We wish to offer the greatest number of people access to fashion and luxury from anywhere in the world. Professionals can buy a Louis Vuitton, Hermès or Chanel piece from anywhere in the world. Instead of launching yet another ready-to-wear boutique, we chose to focus on other pieces. Leather goods, jewelry, watches or accessories can be found and mixed on our platform. In order to conquer the professionals of the luxury second-hand market from all over the world, we are very vigilant on the quality and the maintenance of each piece. In order to break the codes, we favor vintage pieces. These bold, intrepid and adventurous references are like us.

The challenges of second-hand luxury

Estimated at nearly 30 billion euros, the luxury second-hand market is growing every day. Supply and demand are increasingly accessible and easy.

With the health crisis, we have seen that consumers are keen to change their habits and change the world for the better. In fashion, the resale and vintage market continued to grow this year, leading people to realize that their consumption must change and that fashion must move with the times, which it does. Fashion being the second largest polluting industry, this sector must be a leader and show the way to our capitalist world. Our offer to professionals is in this direction.

TBC Wholesale's offer for professionals

A community based on trust

With our B2B offer, we can count on trustworthy partnerships, allowing us to keep our promise of volume supply, without neglecting the criteria of quality and authenticity.

To perpetuate our commitment to satisfy our customers, personalized advice and follow-up are part of our commitment.

Quality and authenticated products

The quality and authenticity of products are two of the priority points of attention at TBC, in a context where counterfeiting represents a real threat in the luxury world. Thus, we guarantee the authenticity through a certificate.

Access to a catalog and weekly auctions

Two specific acquisition channels are offered to satisfy the demand of customers for the B2B offer deployed by TBC. Professionals have access to weekly auctions, during which they can bid on a selection of 10,000 second-hand luxury items. At the same time, at any time, they can access a catalog of more than 15,000 unique items at a fixed price, thus offering the most competitive offer on the European market.

As luxury second hand professionals, it's time to discover all the TBC Wholesale opportunities and revolutionize your purchasing. Let's build together the eco-responsible luxury of tomorrow.

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Antoine & Hippolyte Founders, The Brand Collector


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