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5 luxury bag brands to invest in now

TBC Wholesale 5 luxury bag brands to invest in now

The luxury goods industry is highly valued by professionals and connoisseurs alike. Luxury pieces and accessories remain classics and their value increases with each season. More and more, vintage pieces are being unearthed through luxury second hand. The designs evoke durability, quality and authenticity. Let's take a look at the top 5 luxury bag brands offered by TBC to ensure you get great value.

The 5 most profitable luxury brands today

Buying a luxury item is a gold mine. With an exponential market projected at over 37 billion euros, the luxury goods business is booming. The pieces are becoming iconic and the brands timeless. Indeed, luxury fashion offers few copies, allowing classic models to be resold at high prices. Waiting lists are getting longer. As a result, the luxury second-hand market has seen its sales soar.

Nowadays, 5 brands stand out:

Gucci, the goose that lays the golden eggs

Gucci bag - Luxury second hand - TBC Wholesale

Gucci is an Italian luxury fashion house that has been in business since 1921. Investing in a Gucci piece is a sure way to add value. Innovation and creativity give designer accessories, leather goods and jewelry a chic, elegant and incredibly modern look. The Italian luxury brand is always renewing itself and creating surprises. Broadway is the favorite product in 2021.

Chanel and the successful investment

Chanel Timeless - Luxury second hand - TBC Wholesale

Thanks to its values and tradition, the French luxury house has the largest community of addicts on social networks. Owning a Chanel piece is the assurance of being trendy. In 5 years, the price of a bag from the double C label has increased tenfold and Chanel's shares are constantly rising.

The Timeless represents the vision of the fashion house. Launched by Karl Lagerfeld in 1980, the model remains a favorite of fashionistas. In a few weeks, this reference can increase by 1000€. The Classique à Rabat, 2.55 Réédition or Wallet on Chain models are also very popular.

Individuals have grasped the incredible strength of the made in France label and used Chanel bags are carefully preserved for successful resale in the following seasons, representing a real growth potential for second-hand luxury professionals.

Hermès and the Birkin Bag, an increasingly important value

Hermes Birkin - Luxury second hand - TBC Wholesale

Hermès is the symbol of the timeless designer piece. Each season, the fashion house gains ground. The Birkin offers a better return than a housing savings plan. Its value has never decreased. The model is increasingly rare. The demand is exponential, each product is sold in a minute. The luxury second hand market is making it an it-bag.

Dior, the much appreciated French luxury

Lady Dior bag - Luxury second hand - TBC Wholesale

Decades after its conception, the Lady Dior bag remains one of Dior's most enduring creations, having first appeared in 1995. A centerpiece of the French fashion house and a nod to its founding designer, it was after being worn by Princess Diana that the bag gained the momentum that has allowed it to cross the decades and forge a place on the fashion scene today.

Louis Vuitton, the accessory that can make a lot of money

Louis Vuitton bag - Luxury second hand - TBC Wholesale

Louis Vuitton continues to seduce. The Speedy 30 handbag is a perfect example. Women all over the world are clamoring for each one. New or used, the model seduces by its sobriety and its perfect finishings. Audrey Hepburn knew how to put forward its potential. Equipped with the authenticity card, the luxury fashion piece wins all the votes. Keeping a Louis Vuitton bag and then reselling it is the assurance of a good return on investment. Individuals have understood this. As professionals, promoting a Louis Vuitton accessory brings you credibility and profitability.

Luxury leather goods are beginning to overshadow gold and real estate. As professionals, buying a branded accessory allows you to resell it with a nice capital gain. Gucci, Chanel, Hermès, Dior and Louis Vuitton are all driving the second-hand luxury goods market. It's no secret that investing in a luxury item boosts your bank account. What's more, a beautiful piece at an affordable price can quickly become an it-bag that all fashionistas will snap up.

Find season after season the timeless pieces you must have to make good deals on TBC Wholesale.


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